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Lutheran Church in Transsylvania

In the steps of

Johannes Honterus


Follow us in the steps of the Reformation in Transsylvania! Discover Romania, one of the most beautiful and unknown countries in Europe. Majestic fortified churches, winding streets and the peaks of the Carpathian Mountains guarantee an unforgettable travel experience. And contrary to all prejudices the new rebuild roads and hotels with western standards allow a pleasant and smoothly travels.

Fortified church Biertan

Carpathian Mountains

Romania can be reached by air via the international Airport of Bucharest, Romania's capital. Or combine your Romania experience with a visit of Austria and Hungary. Vienna and Budapest could be good additions to a visit of Transsylvania.

Many treasures not only from the time when German settlers formed Transsylvania (or as the Germans say: Siebenbuergen) are waiting for you: The old towns of Medias and Sighisoara (German: Schaessburg), Sibiu (Hermannstadt) and Brasov (Kronstadt). Well-known fortified churches and World Heritage Sites like Biertan and Calnic. Visiting Transsylvania you couldn't miss to visit the Birth house of Vlad Dracul (better known as: Dracula) in Sighisoara and Bran Castle where Bram Stoker called to be Dracula's fortress.

And of course a side trip to the painted monasteries has to be a part of any christian tour of Romania.

Sucevita Monastery

Birthhouse of Dracula in Sighisoara

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Stairs in Sibiu

Humanism before the Reformation

The Reformation in Transsylvania started not, like in other places, with a re-forming of the church. Here it first was the schools which where remodeled following humanstic ideals. Already 1519 transsylvanian merchants brought writings of Martin Luther from their journeys back home (and caused some turmoil), but it took until 1542 that a first Lutheran worship service was held in Brasov (Kronstadt). 1533 Johannes Honterus returned home, a son of the city, who as a printer got in deep contact with humanistic publications in Basel (Switzerland). Honterus' pribting workshop in Basel published a number of prints of ancient poets, two maps of the skies following Albrecht Duerer (1532) and the first cartographic illustration of Transsylvania.

Johannes Honterus (1498 - 1549) was a coeval of the Reformation, in same age like Erasmus from Rotterdam, Albrecht Duerer, Thomas Morus as well as Luther, Melanchthon, Zwingli, anbd Calvin. After he returned to Transsylvania he re-organised the school system, founded the first school library, initiated the first school theater play, and founded a papermill. It was not until 1544 that he was called to be the town pastor of Brasov and that he authored the "Church constitution of all Germans in Transsylvania), which was resolved 1547 in Sibiu (Hermannstadt).

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