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In the Steps of Guido de Brès

Guido de Brès (1522-1567) entered the history books as the Reformer of the Netherlands. Influenced by Martin Luther's writings which, thanks to the book printing, became available all over Europe, de Brès followed the reformatory movement. After studying in Lausanne he fled ton England in 1522, searching for shelter against persecution together with other theologians like Martin Bucer and John a Lasco. Back on the continent he wrote the "Confessio Belgica", which he - 450 years ago - threw over the walls of the castle of Tournai in 1561.

He wanted to proof to the Governor of the Spanish Crown that the Calvinists are no dangerous Anabaptists, but force a re-formation of the catholic church. 1567 Guido de Brès was executed as a heretic in Valenciennes.

Discover the steps of this largely unknown reformer at this exceptional trip!

Day 1
The first leg of your expedition takes you to Tournai. The place where the house of Guido de Brès was is still to see, also a hole in the town wall where he tuck away books and documents. And of course you'll visit the tower of the castle where he threw his Confessio against the walls.

The tour continuous to Valenciennes, where De Brès was send to the gallows. The siege of Valenciennes and its importance for De Brès is part of the stories you will here during your visit. Dinner and overnight in a hotel in Valenciennes.

Day 2
Not far from Valenciennes is the town of Lille. Today it's an important hub city in Northern France, back then it was the capital of Lille-Flanders (the French speaking part of the Flanders principality). Rihour from the 15th century was the palace of the Dukes of Burgundy, seat of the Knights of the Golden Fleece. In the historic center of the town, the Ilot Comtesse, you will visit Hospiz hospice. The history of this hospital dates back into the 13th century.

Day 3
Today we are travelling to Sedan. Here De Brès found refuge in the castle of a fellow. Part of the unknown history is that he was asked to join the diplomatic service to conduct religious ceremonies. In this way he got in contact with wellknown persons like Wilhelm of Orange and his court chaplain John Taffin. Sedan castles is also known from later parts of history. It is here where the Prussians captured Napoleon III in 1870 together with a part of his army - a victory which paved the way for the formation of the German Kaiserreich.
In the evening we'll go back to Valenciennes for dinner and overnight.

Day 4
Passing Bergen, the birthplace of Guido de Brès, the trip continuous to Antwerp. Here we will visit the historic printing workshop of Plantin. Already in the 16th century it was one of the leading printers in the Netherlands - the invention of printing with movable letters was one of the most important factors for the spread of the Reformation.
Overnight in Antwerp where the Reformation of the Netherlands
was started by Augustinian monks.

Day 5
Transfer to the airport fro homebound flights, or start of another leg of your tour of Europe...

... A tour concept in cooperation with our Refo500-partner Historizon Reizen in the Netherlands.


5-Day trip in a modern motor coach
  4 Overnight stays in good hotels, Breakfast and Dinners included
  Guided tours in Tournai, Valenciennes, Sedan, Antwerp
  professional and specialized tour guide

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